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10 February 2008

busy day...

...That subject can be put to so many days so far in 2008 but I guess those words be on the lips of many of you too. Lots to write about as I said and whilst i've caught up on a number of things today and done a load of jobs in the house, still I have a long way to go. Anyway, here's a couple of pics to prove i've been doing something today.

Kathryn got on her swing the other day (maybe the other week - really couldn't say!) and her feet were dragging on the ground. So it was time to put the extension legs on it which finally got finished and secured today. The dutiful daughter duly tried the swing out to great success!
Then, not a job I'd planned to do just yet, I set about building a bike we bought for Kathryn in the Christmas sales - its her present from her brother/sister-to-be. Just got the stabilisers to put on it but again, she's loving it - especially the seat for teddy on the back and the "tickly bits" (or streamers as we call them) on the handlebars!!
So another day comes to an end. It started with a great time of worship this morning then continued with quality family time mixed with doing a good deed for our neighbour. Maybe I'll get time this week to blog more... (or maybe not... t-7 days till babyRousmk2 is actually due!)

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