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15 October 2007

Last Weekend part 1

After work on Saturday, we headed through to Bellshill (again!!) to meet up with all the usual crew there, plus their guests for the weekend - Croydon Salvation Army Band. Having grown up and worked in the London South East Division, this Corps was from my patch so I was keen to go through and support them especially as they were going to a Corps where I have a number of friends. One other link was the chance to meet face to face with Johnny Laird - fellow blogger and Salvationist. So we met up with expectant father Kenny; newly-weds Jane and Ross; and of course, the Headphonaught himself, Thomas (his wife, Olwyn had stayed home with the children). We also were pleased to see another Kenny who had also travelled over from Glenrothes. Then, I spotted the unmistakeable sight of Mr Laird himself - in the flesh. Thomas was on hand to capture the moment.

It was good to meet Johnny although in conversation, we realised we had been at an event 8 years ago and would have undoubtedly met as I was taking money on the door!!

Anyway, we settled back, once Thomas had taken more obligatory photos (actually really like this one T)...

...to listen to Johnny on the Bass Trombone accompanied by the rest of the band.

The evening contained some good music but, if I'm honest, was a tad long and the chairs were really uncomfy! I've said before that I enjoy Bands but am not a huge Bando so 2 hours of music kind of did me. But what they played was really good and to a high standard. We enjoyed some really talented soloists and great whole band pieces as well. The Band did Croydon and Salvation Army Banding proud and I'm sure that continued through to the Sunday as well. Read more about their whole weekend over at Thomas's nanolog. (Thanks to him for the photos btw)

1 comment:

John said...

Great to meet you, Dan, and of course Carol-Anne and Kathryn too.

Here's to the next time!