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12 October 2007

iPop wear and art

Don't often do plugs/adverts for things but this is just great and I can think of at least two people who will be straight on line to check these sites!

iPopwear and iPopart are two sites we've come across through one of C-A's many baby magazines! The first has a small range of baby wear with iPod and iPhone graphics on. Sweet ... and not too expensive either!

The second site is just even cooler. You send them a photo and £12.75, they email it back in iPod style. Check the site for a few samples. They can even put it on canvas for you. Now how cool is that ... (rhetorical question by the way!!)

1 comment:

Chris said...

The thought of dressing Amy up as an iPod! Awful!!

But I REALLY like those iPod advert posters.