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26 September 2007

Update on "Nothing to Hide"

Well, "anonymous" has finally got in touch but I cannot put their comment on in full as it contains language that is not appropriate to a Christian blog - sorry "anonymous". Let me emphasise something here - I am opting to not publish the full comments from "anonymous" simply because of the language contained within - not because I have anything to hide or anything I may be ashamed off. I certainly accept that the events "anonymous" is dragging up were wrong and have never said otherwise. Anything that "anonymous" feels I may have to hide has simply been dealt with and should remain in the past. Not to protect me from anyone having a different opinion of me - my friends know the full story - but simply because we are not called to live in the past but in the present and with a view to the glorious future that we have been called to. "Anonymous" says that no threats are being made - fine, I apologise if I gave that perception. "Anonymous" also says that they want to see transparency. Well, I have been transparent before God and before my Church Leaders and that has led to the past being dealt with. I believe that is all the transparency that is needed.

"Anonymous" goes on to say that the past will catch me up at some point. Well, yes, there will always be people with long memories who will drag things up from the past. However I still believe that God has dealt with the past in my life and that the slate is wiped. If I'm wrong, then I'll face the consequences on judgement day - as will we all.

Finally, "anonymous" says this: "I choose to remain anonymous because I know that by revealing my identity you will not take as much notice of my comments. And if YOU truly have "nothing to hide" then explain, fully, in your blog, exactly why I have decided to comment and remain anonymous. Be up-front. "

Well, anonymous, I hope you'll agree that I have included the bulk of your comment here and that I have not been too selective save the omission of unsuitable language. But I wouldn't have asked you to identify yourself if I didn't want to enter a dialogue with you. Comments aimed at my beliefs are taken seriously whether anonymous or public. I won't identify you publicly if that is your wish - I just prefer dealing with people on an open basis which involves knowing who people are. I await your response.

Meanwhile, to the friends who have offered their encouragement and support at this time, thank you.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm. A little bit of an over-reaction to the word BS I think. Your post makes me sound like a foul-mouthed fishwife. I apologise if you were offended, but I purposely tried to avoid words that might be deemed unsuitable. Oops.

I do appreciate that you feel you are right with your god and peers, and that's all well and good. My beef is that you haven't sought forgiveness from the person that you hurt and wronged the most. I'm sure she has forgiven you, as she is of a similar religious persuasion as you. Your beliefs tell you that you must be right with your god, but you must also be right with your fellow man. Don't you think it would close an unsavoury chapter if forgiveness were sought and granted?

When I referred to the past catching up with you I was simply referring to the laws of action and consequence. It's my belief that a negative action will have a negative consequence at some point in either this life or a future one and the opposite also applies. Repentance is all very well, however, the above law remains in effect; a negative action can only be remedied with an appropriate positive action.

The whole point of me starting these comments was to get you to think about the past and perhaps generate a grain of regret in you. I don't read anything since this dialogue begain that remotely smells of regret. Acceptance of wrong-doing, certainly, but not regret. You still have a long way to go.

And for now, I choose to remain anonymous, despite your generous offer of maintaining my anonymity should I choose to identify myself. Anonymity lends a certain impact to the proceedings, methinks.

caldjr said...

have chosen to publish this comment in full from anonymous. I thank 'anonymous' for the apology over any offence caused and apologise in return if I made 'anonymous' appear worse than they may actually be. Unfortunately, any swearing is unsuitable for this blog however insignificant it may seem. But lets end that one there i think.

Anyway, at this point I will simply add two comments:

1) Regret has been shown over the past 5 years. If "anonymous" knew me at all then they would know this to be true. Those who have stuck with us over this timescale will agree on this.

2) Maintaining anonymity certainly does lend a certain impact to proceedings. The impact is that, regrettably, I cannot take any further comments seriously while you remain anonymous. I am more than happy to dialogue with people over these events as i am doing on a number of fronts. But all other correspondence I am having is in a totally open basis - i.e. both parties are identifiable to each other. If it will make you happier, we can switch this discussion to an email one - you can get me at danrous73@gmail.com. This is not an attempt to hide this discussion but to give you another way of coming out from your anonymous state. The choice is yours.