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20 September 2007

Nothing to hide

You may notice that comment moderation has been enabled. This is due to some comments from someone who is hiding behind an anonymous name tag - these comments have been deleted. This 'anonymous' person is happy enough to drag up events of over 5 years ago but not happy enough to identify themselves. This 'anonymous' person calls for public repentance. Well anonymous, I am sorry that I am going to disappoint you and let me explain why. Stuff happened 5 years ago. Carol-Anne and I have never said that the way things happened was right. We have however saught forgiveness from our loving heavenly Father and believe wholeheartedly - with confirmation from friends and senior Church leaders - that this forgiveness has been received. What "anonymous" obviously doesnt understand, is that when God forgives genuine repenters, he wipes the slate clean. Perhaps I should encourage "anonymous" to re-read the previous posting on "nothing but the blood of Jesus". I stand forgiven by that blood and am not ashamed. Comment moderation will however remain for the time being in order to protect the Christian nature of this blog and for the protection of my family and friends. To those genuine friends who have stood by us - including people who were around with us 5 years ago - I offer sincere thanks. Comment moderation may be removed if "anonymous" wants to identify themselves to me by commenting on this post. No threats you make will hurt me because:
"No power of hell, no scheme of man will ever pluck me from His hand - here in the power of Christ I stand."

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