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15 August 2007


been a bit quiet on the blog since the announcement of the future new addition to the Rous Clan so sorry about that. Like many other people I am balancing the call of Facebook over everything else (including stuff i'm meant to be doing!) and have also had a really busy time of things of late. The latter has led to both Carol-Anne and I being really tired and run-down and so a few things have had to be dropped from our schedule. We're on holiday next week so there'll be even fewer updates on the blog til after then. Off to my mum's in Canterbury for a week - that is once C-A has helped at the last day of the Holiday Club on Friday, together with the disco for that on Friday pm, and then I'm helping all day at the SA stand we're having at the Glenrothes Gala on Saturday. both things have huge potential for reaching out to people in our community so we'll be putting all our efforts into them even though we're kind of dead on our feet at the mo. This is God's work so we trust in His Provision. Then after the Sunday morning worship (which will feature the Holiday Club stuff and will be kind of manic) we'll be off on the 450 mile journey and then hopefully enjoy a relaxing week where, apart from enjoying each others company and a few sights and some good food and catching up with some friends, we're not planning much at all!!!
Will endeavour to keep the Twitter feed up to date - you can see what we're up to either through the box on the right column of this blog, or through Facebook. May be back on before the hols but no promises!! Hope you're all doing okay and managing to get a bit of good weather - here's hoping for next week!!

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