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17 August 2007

Holiday Reading

Nearly time for holiday - we're off on Sunday after Church. As I said before, not planning much for the week apart from trying to catch up with some friends. Do hope to get some time to read this book ...

...that I discovered through my blogging friend Johnny Laird and via facebook (there's even a group for people with this book!).

Really excited about the future of blogging for Churches although, as many friends have commented in recent weeks, there will never be any substitute for 1-2-1 speaking with people about Jesus, but there is potential for reaching people through social networking, blogging etc.

So will try to read the book while i'm away and will report back. See you in a week or so.

1 comment:

John said...

Looking forward to see what you thought of it. I found myself dipping into it, and reading it a bit like a mag ie bouncing between chapters, hunting for the really strong bits, re-reading other stuff.

I may have been more focussed if it was the only book I had on the go, but I've been systematically reading through some other stuff at the same time.

There's an interesting dialog going on at TallSkinnyKiwi's blog on the same subject.