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11 March 2007

Where have I been?

Sorry, been away from the blog for a while. Not by choice though. Since 1 March, we've not been able to access blogger, or any blogger blogs except through Google Reader. That means I haven't been able to post here or comment on others blogs. From the blogger help groups, it seems the problem was the same for all default Virgin Media customers across the UK. By default customer, I mean that we were telewest people who have now been taken over by Virgin who seem to have made a hash of things since they took over. Still, it seems to be up and running today so going to take the chance in catching up on a few things. Thanks to the guys at Blogger for all their efforts in trying to sort Virgin Media out!


Hermes said...

The problem is that VM have got a new IP address range, which has been announced to the Internet, yet Blogger need to update their settings to take this into account - which seems to have taken them time to do.

Been mentioned on some other blogs.

CalDjr said...

yes, thanks! Been joining in various help group discussions on the blogger site during this down time. Been a real pain but seems to be back to normal now!