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11 March 2007


Had a week and a bit off work on holiday and it was much needed! My mum was up last weekend and then we just spent of the week having family time and doing much needed DIY too! Thankfully no trips to Casualty!

Anyway, partway through the week, we decided to get away properly so we booked C-A's mum for a night and found a hotel to go to in Glasgow. We booked into the TownHouse in Glasgow's Royal Crescent which was a basic but nice hotel. Nice polished wood floors and Pine Furniture throughout.

Once getting sorted, we walked into Glasgow centre (about 20mins) just as the drizzly rain picked up! Still got to the shops and explored a bit. One shop we spent a long time in was one I miss - used to be one in Canterbury but its closed now so was really pleased to see an "Oil and Vinegar" store here. This was has loads of testing points and we spent loads of time testing out various oil and herb mixes, vinegars and mustards. Bought a nice patatas bravas herb mix which is lovely dry or mixed with oil and water for a pesto. Also got a gorgeous Lavender Balsamic Vinegar. (Just had some on a salad and can still taste it - its really nice. Don't think 100mls is going to last long!) In retrospect, all the tasting probably wasn't such a good idea as we kind of got filled up on bread but regardless, after a bit of pottering around, we headed to Wagamama's for our first experience of this place and its fab - we'll be back. If only there was another one closer to home (Glasgow hosts the only Scottish one so far). Anyway, we ordered some Ebi Katsu (Deep fried prawns with garlic and chilli sauce) as a side dish
then, strangely, both C-A and I were stuck between the same 2 dishes so we ordered both and shared (aaah, how romantic!). The dishes were Ginger Chicken Udon

and Chilli Chicken Men

After this thoroughly enjoyable meal, we headed off to Cafe Nerro which was strangely quiet - still, we enjoyed the relative personal service!

It was off to Borders afterwards but when we'd bought a couple of things, we noticed that the heavens had opened and Glasgow was literally a river!
So we sat and read a few things for a while before deciding it wasn't going to stop so we headed out into the rain to walk back to the hotel. Without a brolly, this was the result:

Having dried off, we settled down for a good nights rest. The freshly cooked Scottish Breakfast in the morning was much needed and very well prepared (sorry no pics of that - was too hungry!) then we set off for some retail therapy at Glasgow Fort.
I love Kathryn to death but it was nice to have some adult time with C-A and especially to relax in Starbucks without a care in the world. Still, it was almost like she was with us as any clothing shops we went into, we both headed straight for the childrens section and ended up spending more on her than ourselves!
A good couple of days was topped by the lovely smile of Kathryn's face when we picked her up.

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