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22 February 2007

Blog Song update

Pleased to attach an audio file of the Blog Song - "We Will Go". Its by no means studio quality and is raw in every sense of the word, but gives you an idea of how the song goes. Full music on its way asap. (File is MP4 - plays best in iTunes).


Even when this post has disappeared from sight, there is a new link on the right hand column of this blog. The box (from box.net) contains files stored for sharing and will be updated accordingly.


Chris said...

What program did you use to make that? It's my geeky side, but mp4 is an interesting file-type choice :)

CalDjr said...

Just recorded it on the iPod and downloaded it into iTunes. The settings are to put everything as mp4 - can't find where to change this!! So there was no choice in the file type really!