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20 February 2007

Up and Down again

Had a great start to yesterday. My colleague had a cracking day at work on Saturday and things continued into Monday. Things were going really well. Then in the afternoon, a couple of comments from the same colleague really got to me and I snapped. I wasn't really having a go at him but at his negativity which I can really do without just now. He went quiet on me for the rest of the day and I had a suitably pants evening although Carol-Anne did do her best to lift me up. Chocolate and nougat is always a good start together with a loving hug.

Anyway, he seems to be talking to me this morning (albeit a bit guarded) and to top it all, just read this on Phil Laeger's blog:

...Real love lets people know what the truth is. And the truth is that God loves them. And so, as you go through this day, remember that you're not doing anyone any good by just accepting everything they do. Neither are you doing them any good by judging' them, even if it's according to the truth. It's gotta be both truth and love. Only the combination of those two will motivate people to change...

I tend to sit back and let stuff go on here so as to avoid confrontation. When I do confront, it usually seems to go pear-shaped. But this quote from Phil has helped today. I know that I am not going to do my team any good by just letting stuff go unchecked but I know also that I have to balance my rebukes in accordance with Gods will. So thanks Phil for a good start to my day. Here's hoping and praying for better things today.

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