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26 January 2007

Youth Chorus Retreat

Off to retreat later at Gartmore House near Aberfoyle. Its a lovely place and really looking forward to spending some quality time with God. Still not able to play piano owing to my hand problems and still a bit down over that, but looking forward to doing some proper singing instead - every cloud and all that. Swelling is reducing in my hand but pain's increasing however that is apparently a good sign - will take doctors word for that!

We're doing the social night tommorow so got all sorts of games including big screen Sudoku, Family Fortunes, Play your cards right, and a special surprise game! Looking forward to that too!

Then its back to work on Monday. Really enjoyed these last few days at home even though I've still been doing some work from here. Could get used to it but thats not exactly practical. Shame really! Anyway, will update you on the weekend on Monday. Have a good one yourselves.


reverendmavis said...

I think we should pray that our corps will have loads of money to spend on stuff that the community needs. Can we do that!?

Unfortunatly, I won't be there this weekend. I've decided to take a back seat from the YC at the moment.

Have a brilliant weekend. Enjoy Singing.

CalDjr said...

struggling over this praying for money stuff. The early Salvation Army projects were started on a wing and a prayer. They went in blind and penniless trusting in God fully to provide all their needs. Nowadays, we've almost become too business like and have to have all the i's dotted and t's crossed before we'll do anything. Dont know what the answer is as the powers that be will always want full business plans. Not sure a plan that says "God will provide" will get passed the boards. Is that right? I don't think so but don't know the answers.

re YC - sorry you've backed out for now, you have a great voice that especially suited my arrangement of I'm in His Hands. Still, you're a busy guy in ministry just now and have to do what you feel is right. See you soon