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12 February 2007

Blog Song - the verdict

I know, I know - its ages overdue. But I think i have a good reason for the delay and I'll come to that in a mo.

Firstly, sorry i've not posted anything for ages either. Its all been a bit mad at home and work of late and i've got so much to post about. Will bombard blogger with loads of stuff this week all being well.

Anyway, to the song. You may remember back in November I asked for people to suggest a theme, key, time sig, style and a word/phrase to use in a song. Commenters gave me The Church's Mission / A / 6,8 / reggae / His Omnipresent Power. On the whole, i have stuck to this. My one problem came in getting reggae (a 4/4 rythmn) to work in 6/8. Came up with a bridge section in reggae but eventually worked out that while it was a pretty cool link, it didn't work on the song so cut it an the song started flowing much better. Then i had 2 verses and a chorus but needed another verse - no special reason why, I just wanted 3 verses. Then Chris started preaching his sermon series on what the church's mission was (now we know why he suggested the theme!), and things started to fall into place. Only after he preached the last part of the series this Sunday did the final verse come. Next time, I'll get the texts off him first!!

Anyway, the song is in kind of a celticy style and the 6/8 lends itself nicely to this. It is called "We will go" which kind of sums up the Church's mission in one. The words (music link below) are:

We have a mission to go to the world
Teaching them all that the Lord has taught to us.
In the name of God, Father, Spirit, Son,
We must not be afraid.
For Jesus has promised to always be with us.

So we will go and preach the Gospel to all
We go without fear; go full of love.
We go in the omnipresent power,
The never failing power of God.

Our attitude must be just as that of Christ
He became nothing - a servant for all
God exalted Him, to the highest place
Gave the name above names.
We must confess now that Jesus Christ is Lord.

We have the Spirit of God upon us all
Poured out like oil, anointing us to do His Work:
Bind the broken hearts; free the captive souls;
Open blind eyes to see.
For this is the year of the favour of the Lord

Words and Music by Daniel Rous (Copyright © 2007 CalDjr Music)

As you can see, its steeped in Scripture which must be the Church's foundation for mission. The melody line with chords can be obtained here in a PDF document. Will work on getting a midi to you as soon as possible. In the meantime, feel free to do whatever you want with this song. It is free to use as long as you ensure that God is given the glory through it for that is my humble prayer.

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