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22 January 2007

Fed Up

Feeling a bit fed up just now. My arm has been playing up since late last week to the point that on Saturday I got it strapped up. I think i've strained the tendons and/or trapped a nerve in my forearm and it has affected the workings of my right hand - and yes, I'm right handed. Was so stiff and sore that I had to withdraw from the band on Sunday and couldn't even play the piano. Today at work i felt like a complete spare part. Did some paperwork but even holding a pen is tricky - typing's not much easier either. Managed to speak to my surgery's telephone triage nurse today and she's given me an appointment for tomorrow. Wouldn't normally worry to much about it - I'm a bloke and don't normally do doctors! But need to know if there's something I should be doing as its Youth Chorus retreat this weekend and I'm the pianist. Not looking hopeful just now I have to say. Now tonight my right hand looks like Shrek's and is getting stiffer. Trying to keep it moving but its not easy. So, okay, this post is a bit self pitying but needed to get it out of my system. Hopefully getting some concrete info from the doc tomorrow might lift me a bit.

**************** UPDATE ***************

I've got a haematoma!! Always wanted one of those!! Basically, bruising to the tendons and muscles in my forearm. Advised rest for at least a week and not to expect full movement in my hand for at least a week - so no piano playing. Not happy. Piano playing is what I do. Its an integral part of my musical ministry. Determined to get back to normal as soon as possible but seeing as i'm typing this left-handed (so apologies for the bad writing!), its not looking good just now. And rest? Me? That word is not in my vocab. Perhaps it should be. Well, got a couple of days to find out!!

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jonathanku said...

Get well soon.

Saw the comment you left me, ta. Thanks for a link to your blog.. I did eventually find it on Thomas's blog.