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21 December 2006

Christmas Greetings

Well, played my last Christmas Carols for 2006 with the band last night. We were out on the streets in what turned out to be a fab evening - felt really Christmassy. People came out of their homes to stand and listen to us, taking pictures, bringing the whole family to see. One man who was out walking his dog while wearing a huge coat and shorts (!) thanked us for making it feel like Christmas. We chose a great estate to go and minister to and they responded with generosity of comment and money. We weren't collecting but they insisted. Its been many years since i've done evening street carolling and I know a lot of people shy away from it for various reasons, but I'm glad we in Glenrothes know no fear! The true Spirit of Christmas has, I think, been truly spread around the areas we were able to get to. The response was amazing and proves that, despite what the media would have you think, people still love the traditional things at Christmas which includes hearing the old favourite Christmas Carols played by a Salvation Army Band. A privilege to be a part of.

But thats it for my playing this year as we head down to my mums on Saturday for a week. We'll get to sing Christmas Carols on Christmas Eve as Canterbury have a community carol singing in the town centre for which the Salvation Army band provides the music. Usually around 2000 people gather in the town streets to sing - its a great atmosphere so looking forward to that.

I just want to thank God for the opportunities He gives us to share the Gospel especially at this time of year. Its a powerful message we have the task of sharing and I just hope we have done it justice. Let us not be afraid to share Jesus with those we come into contact with.

So, in closing, the Rous family would just like to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a really special Christmas time. May the Joy of the New Born King be yours this year. And we wish you every blessing for 2007. Love and prayers to you all.

Dan, Carol-Anne & Kathryn

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