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16 December 2006

New Music - The Puppini Sisters

Saw these girls perform on the recent Royal Variety Performance and loved what i heard. They have a close harmony style akin to that of the 30's and 40's which i know I wasn't around in (far from it before you start) but I love this style of music. The next day, i heard them singing a great version of Jingle Bells using the normal tune but sung in their own style. Its great.

In the true style of claiming a family link in your name when there isn't one, "The Puppini Sisters" are not sisters! They are Marcella Puppini, Stephanie O'Brien and Kate Mullins and their link is that they all went to Trinity College of Music. They've been going for just around 2 years so a bit miffed I've only just heard about them but that's probably my fault. Check out their website here and enjoy the clips you can hear (which includes Jingle Bells). Tracks can be downloaded through iTunes from as little as 79p!

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