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29 November 2006

Blog song ... the update

Just thought I'd update you on the blog song. Thanks to those who made their suggestions for content etc - very helpful if a little challenging to try and fit reggae and 6/8 together! But have decided to run the song in 6/8 with a standard verse chorus format but have put in an 8 bar section - a middle 8 if you like - which is in a 4/4 reggae style. Seems to work so far! Anyway, no music on here for you yet - that will come when its all done, but here's the words of the chorus and bridge:

So we will go and preach the Gospel to all.
We go without fear
We go full of love
We go in the omnipresent power,
the never failing power of God.

Jesus has sent us to go to all the world
To make disciples of them all.
He has equipped us with everything we need
His Holy Spirit and His Word.

The bridge may change a tad but the chorus is set. Just thought I'd let you know. Tune is a nice big and bold 6/8 rhythmn and I'm loving it. Hope to get the whole song to you as soon as poss - certainly by Christmas anyway!

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