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26 October 2006

Last Sunday

I know its been a wee while, but last Sunday was a brilliant day. Busy but great. In the morning, we had the privilege of leading our own Church in worship. Chris & Dawn were on holiday (again!) and asked us to take the service. We tried a few things out on our friends there and felt a real warmth from them. It all seemed to go really well and thanks are due to God for His provision of everything we needed for the service.

After all the PA gear was packed back into the car, we set off for Blairgowrie to lead an evening Songs of Praise style evening. This was preceeded by food at our friends house - he's the administrator/leader of The Salvation Army in Blairgowrie. The evening was to be at the Glenisla Church in Blairgowrie - or so I thought! It was actually at the Church in Kirkton of Glenisla which is about half an hour north of Blairgowrie!! Wondered why we were leaving their house at 5 for a 6:30 start! The roads got narrower, the sheep and cows got more plentiful then suddenly, amongst the beautiful scenery, was a church with a car park at the other side of the graveyard with no path!! We were being joined by a few brass players from Aberdeen who thought they'd gone too far into the countryside but found the place ok. It wasa lovely wee church and a real warmth of fellowship from the people there. Again, we tried a few things out on them including some songs that Carol-Anne and I hadn't sung in public before, but all went very well and we were given an open invitation to return. I suggested that as it was now pitch black, we could be staying a while as we may not find our way out again!!
Well, we did get out and having left home at 10am we returned just before 10pm. Kathryn had been fantastic all day especially as we hadn't spent much time with her. She was very well behaved except for when we sang I'm in His Hands (new arrangement) at night and she blew raspberries all the way through - perhaps we've rehearsed that one too much!!
Anyway, it was great to be leading worship again - its been a while. Thanks to God for the opportunities He has put our way and the provision throughout. Here's to more.....


Chris said...

"Chris & Dawn were on holiday (again!)"

Cheeky! :) Only taking my holiday allowance!

CalDjr said...

You know I'm only joking pal. Anything for a cheap gag! And also, as you'll remember, a reference back to the announcments before your holiday when the congregation declared as one - "Again??!!". Anyway, in reality i know it's much needed and deserved holiday. Whilst I know you enjoy your job and have lots of fun, I also know it can be a lonely and demanding job as well. Thanks for all you're doing.