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26 October 2006

Lets write a song

Many of you will know that the Lord has led to write many songs - some of which have been recorded, some used, and others just personal. Its kind of prayer journal if you look at some of the words. Anyway, its a gift I love having and even more so when I get to share the songs with others. My first (and only... so far) album is available for free download through our resource website

Anyway, what I'm about to suggest is a totally stolen idea from Phil Laeger. I, like him, would like suggestions for ideas for a new worship song which we can write together. In order of commenting, I would like people to suggest the following items please:

1) Theme
2) Key Signature
3) Time Signature
4) A line to be included
5) Style

So, the first comment must be a theme, second a key sig and so on. Then, as if I haven't got enough to do, I'll put together a brand new worship song which will be available for all to use through this blog. I'll give you a recording and the music for it. This could be so cool or it could be a complete nightmare - it depends how kind you are to me!

So, think on. Looking forward to your suggestions


Chris said...

Theme: the Church's mission

surrendered said...

I think the key of A would fit well with that theme...

CalDjr said...

thanks guys so far. Good strong theme Chris. Glad you got to choose the key Phil. The F#m they gave you was a tad cruel but worked well in the end! Ready and waiting for the rest....

Anonymous said...

How about 6:8 for a time signiture

Anonymous said...

Here's a line i always fancied hearing in a song:

His Omnipresent Power

or something like that!

Anonymous said...


CalDjr said...

Well, we're there. Not sure that reggae works in 6.8 so may have to do some creative thinking on this one! Love to know who the "anon" commenters are! Will keep you posted on how this song gets on.