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17 February 2006

Hurrah for nhs24

We had our first visit to the out of hours doctor with Kathryn this week. I know nhs24 have had a bit of a bad press, but I found them really helpful. There wasn't really much wrong with Kathryn, she'd been throwing up and hadn't kept anything down for a few hours and I was worried about her getting dehydrated. I phoned nhs24 and the nurse I spoke to was polite and helpful and said we could come down to the out of hours surgery - just what a slightly paranoid parent needs! When we arrived, we were asked to take a seat and wait for the doctor, but we didn't even make get the chance to sit down before the doctor called us - I think he was watching to see how close we could get to sitting down before he called us! He too was good and Kathryn behaved impeccably while he checked her over. He couldn't do anything for her, but it was just reassuring to have had her checked over and get some advice on what to do with her re food the following day. Kathryn's almost better now - just wants to sleep at the moment which is why I'm getting a few minutes to put my first blog on! I hope to add some more blogs at some point, they may be about life, parenting or something inspirational - who knows - we'll have to wait and see. God's blessings to all who are reading. C-A x

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