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11 February 2006

Its looking busy ahead

Just taking some time out in the midst of a busy time ahead. New PA gear works. Handy as we need it for our weekend at Shotts Salvation Army on Feb 25/26. We're putting on a concert of songs from stage and screen on the Saturday night at 7pm, then leading their 2 worship services on the Sunday. Carol-Anne's leading the morning - God's Faithfulness is her theme. I'm doing the evening - think I'm doing Gods provision, with specific reference to the catch of fish he organised in one of his post resurrection appearances. Written a song called "Put your nets on the other side" which is I say so myself is quite funky so will use that.

We've also agreed to lead a service at a small church in a small village just outside Canterbury (my patch!) on March 19th! Any ideas???

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headphonaught said...

Hola from Thomas and Olwyn from Bellshill Corps... Keep bloggin' for the Lord :-)