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07 August 2008

New Family Website

I am pleased to reveal to you now our new family website/blog. Been testing (read playing) the new web creator package from the guys at viviti.com for a little while now both for this site and for Catch the Fire too. That one will go live shortly, but ready with the family one first. The address is http://houseofrous.viviti.com. It contains a blog, resource sharing pages, daily Bible reading, links, photos, contact details and the potential for so much more.

So, this is the last post here on this blog as everything will transfer over to the viviti site. If you follow us via an RSS feed, you'll need to amend it to read http://houseofrous.viviti.com/blog and then you'll continue to be updated regularly as before.

This blog will not be deleted as strange things will happen with the address. It will simply remain live with this post showing to link you over to the new site.

Should say, if you like the look of viviti.com then give me a shout and i'll send you an invite as they're still in beta testing so you cant get in unless your name's on the list!!

So, adios to blogger. See you over at viviti.


Anonymous said...

brilliant - adrress is judith.schultz@ntlworld.com

caldjr said...

invite on its way.