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10 July 2008

Repent and be Saved

For the second part of our busy Sunday, we headed through to Edinburgh to meet up with good friends, and officers at Edinburgh Gorgie Corps, Iain & Alison Hudson, with their 2 children Amy and William. They were at Perth before and have known C-A a long time. Iain and I are from the same division but a slight age gap meant we never really met in the same groups back in the glories of London South East (or Canterbury as it used to be) Division!

Anyway, they have been a great support to us over the past 6 years and really mean a lot to us. We shared a lovely lunch with them and just relaxed as 2 families should. Their 2 are really great with our 2 so we left them to it! We even went back to the house after the meeting so that William could beat me at tennis on the Wii. I think I gave him a run for his money in the second game but, really, it would have been cruel for me to win!!!!

So, back to the reason for being at Gorgie, and we had kind of been dreading the invite over recent times, as Gorgie is a big Corps with a lot of retired officers and is totally different to what we are used to. However, what we were invited to on this occasion was special. I think on a monthly basis, they have a family evening worship and try some different things. For this one, I was preaching and worship was being led by a guy called Garry Brotherston. Garry has an amazing story and is doing his best to share it too. He also has an amazing musical gift and has written some beautiful and challenging songs - some of which he shared with us on the night too.
Garry and I had a good chat beforehand and really gelled. It seems like we are both 'singing from the same hymnbook' so to speak in terms of our ministry style and our desire to preach the word in an unashamed way.

I'd been quite worried about the preach, because God had laid a heavy message on my heart to share, but I had been asked to keep to 5-10 minutes. I read through the notes during the afternoon and knew i'd got, with random add-ins, about 15 mins (actually did 16 1/2 mins!) so i set about removing bits here and there. One bit i removed was about the Prodigal son - its still in the document available below. In a testimony time, Garry said a few things then opened his Bible and read from ... you guessed it ... the Prodigal Son! So, in the middle of preaching, I was peering through my scribbling out to read some of what i'd previously typed as it was clear God wanted this to be said. Also, as a result of knowing I had a lot to say in a short time, i am aware that I am speaking very fast. Sorry! I've slowed the playback down a bit but couldn't go too much without making me sound like i'm on 33rpm when I should be on 45! (Just realised that some readers won't know what that means! Its to do with the old fashioned big black CD type things that you played both sides of!)

Anyway, sorry, I'm digressing. After the meeting, Garry and I spoke again and he told me how encouraged he was to hear my message preached. That in itself was an encouragement to me as it was a heavy message and I sometimes wonder if I am qualified to preach such a message. But, considering someone else said later on that they wish i'd had more time to unpack the subject, I obviously was qualified - at least on this occasion. Garry and I went on to talk about worship and I've invited him through to Glenrothes for something. More on that another time.

So, the original text and live audio are available for you through the links below. The recording is not great as Gorgie is a big hall and the iPod hasn't picked up the PA well - done my best to enhance it for you. Looking back, I actually enjoyed preaching this message and will certainly go back to it to prepare more material for it and look forward to the chance to preach it in full on a future date.

Repent and be Saved text
Repent and be Saved audio

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