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18 July 2008

My eldest is 3 today!

Yes, today, 18 July 2008, my first born - Kathryn Rosie Alice Rous - turns 3. I know...3! It doesn't seem possible that 3 years ago today she was this small:
I had such a steep learning curve with Kathryn. I had never changed a nappy in my life let alone try to dress/undress a tiny wriggling human! And as for tights....

But we survived those first months and I wouldn't have had it any other way.

In the middle of our move to Glenrothes, and a few days before coming down with Chicken Pox, Kathryn had her first birthday. By now, she was really developing her own personality - being a real mix of C-A and I.

And then, safely holed up in glenrothes, a year ago we shared with family and friends including corps folk, for her 2nd birthday! What a grown up girl she was getting - and so quickly too!!
And now here we are, three years on and with another mouth to feed since Hannah came along 5 months ago. Kathryn loves her little "stister" (as we do too of course!!) and I think she'll be quite protective of her in the years ahead!
So this is my firstborn. She starts at nursery 5 afternoons a week from the end of august. And we're getting her a little uniform from the School nursery too ... how scary and grown up is that?!

I give thanks to God for her. Carol-Anne and I are very blessed to have such gorgeous children.

But who knows what mischief they'll get up to in the years ahead!!We pray God's blessing and protection on them, and on us as a family, in all that we face in the time ahead especially with a possible big move down to London.

So, for now, lets hear a big cheer please - as Kathryn Rous turns 3!!


Chris said...

Yay! Congratulations to Kathryn, and to you for surviving so long :)

Louise said...

Happy Birthday Kathryn. I bet she had a fabulous day. Time goes so quickly when you are a parent. Treasure every moment. It seems so long ago since my eldest was Kathryn's age. Lx

Anonymous said...

Looks as though you had a wonderful day - the years will soon fly past - enjoy

If you are every in London and need somewhere to stay then give us a bell and I'll book you into the local Travel Lodge LOL not really you/family are more then welcome to stay with us.