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10 March 2008

what a week

Had a bit of a week of it last week - so much so that I haven't had proper time to write about it. Probably not a bad thing as I can write now in a reflective mode rather than in the state I was in!!!

Monday ... not a bad day. met our Health Visitor - did a few jobs in the house - had some good family time.

Tuesday ... family time mixed with decorating - Kathryn played up a bit - by tea time realised perhaps she wasn't 100% well - sent my apologies to Youth Club where I had been hoping to return but with Kathryn not well, Hannah having a growth spurt day and feeding all the time, felt Carol-Anne needed me more than the Youth Club did. Eventually got Kathryn to bed and chilled for what was left of the night.

Wednesday ... Woke slowly - then woken quicker by C-A who had 'passed' a large blood clot. Won't go into details to secure privacy and protect the squeamish but after a quick phone call to the midwife, we were told not to worry but just to keep an eye on proceedings - went to the Corps where I was helping with the Community Cafe and Carol-Anne was doing her usual parent networking. Half way through the morning, got a shout from C-A to say she was bleeding a lot more than she should be. Got a very quick doctors appointment and abandoned out posts not to mention our children and went to the docs and after waiting half an hour past our allotted time, the doc sent us to Forth Park Hospital (the local maternity hosp where Hannah was born). We went back via the hall to get Hannah who was due a feed and made arrangement for Kathryn to be looked after then raced off ... just as Dawn was getting back to the hall with a sterilized bottle and some SMA just in case! - Cut a long story short (who said "too late"), the doctor did a bit of prodding poking and pulling then sent C-A for a scan which revealed more clots where they shouldn't be. It was decided she would have to have another procedure which wouldn't happen til Thursday - came home to get a few bits for C-A and collect Kathryn who had gone home with the Playgroup leader as she is good friends with her daughter (they're about the same age) and to be honest, I think she'd rather stayed there!! Took K to see her mummy then came home leaving wife and daughter no2 at the hospital and settled K for bed.

Thursday ... woke slowly! Heard from Carol-Anne that her procedure would take place sometime after 2pm so took Kathryn up to Playgroup and returned to chill for a while. Actually didn't get much time to chill as had to cancel something I was meant to have been doing in the afternoon and make contingency plans for other things - including Catch the Fire which it was now clear I wouldn't be around for. Thankfully, God was obviously in control as this time round there was no sung worship planned so it was easier to pass on to someone else who would just have to lead discussion, prayer and play times. Chris graciously took on the task and as it turned out, i think he quite enjoyed it! - Returned to get Kathryn who was being absolutely fantastic and we then headed through to Forth Park. Carol-Anne was taken off to theatre and would be away for a short while so sat with the girls in the entrance lobby for a bit then we all went for a walk before C-A came round from the anesthetic. She was back pretty sharpish so we went back up to await her discharge which, we were led to believe by the anesthetist and three midwives, would be that evening. Things were dragging so I took Kathryn off for some tea and returned to find there was still no definitive word so we waited. Still the midwives were saying C-A would get out because as far as they could see, she was fine now, but they had to wait for the doctor. Visiting finished at 8 and still we waited. At 9, the doctor popped his head in and simply said, "we'll keep you in tonight yeah?". I confess I hit the roof. I was tired yes, but staff had raised Kathryn's hopes that mummy was coming home, C-A's hopes that she was getting out, and my hopes that my family would get back in the same place again. I was furious. The sister did apologise but said there was nothing she could do - Kathryn and I left. Was so wound up I couldn't sleep so started painting my dining room!

Friday ... had calmed down a bit but was now even more tired having been painting til late! C-A had a good night and was being treated very well - must have put in the notes not to upset us again!!!! She got out mid morning and we returned home to rest - I did some more decorating! Decided that I wouldn't go to work on Saturday ... was supposed to be back but was a spare person so I could catch up with paperwork ... felt i'd be more use at home.

Saturday ... woke very slowly! All was getting back to normal again - Kathryn got invited to a play area with the playgroup leaders daughter and back to their house for tea - Got the dining room finished!

Sunday ... church was great and very refreshing. Much needed after that week. Spent the afternoon and early evening with Chris and Dawn sharing pizza and chatting over our application for officership seeing as we had an interview today (Monday!) - oh yeah, and playing Guitar Hero!!

Today ... back to work - then off to DHQ tonight for our candidates interview - will blog about that in a later post.

So all in all, a weird week that I don't really want to repeat. Thanks to those who knew who supported us so well. You know, we are really blessed with some good friends both here in Glenrothes and beyond. We knew the children would be safely looked after while we ran to hospital. We knew we were being upheld in prayer. We knew nothing would get in the way of Gods plan. We knew all was well. Thanks God.

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Louise said...

Sorry to hearthat it was an upsetting week for you all. Glad to hear Carol-Anne is home again with her family and that things are settling.