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09 March 2008

Nicola Garnham

Many of you reading this will know already, but Friday saw the Promotion to Glory of Nicola Garnham - Salvation Army officer at Raynes Park Corps and tutor at TSA's William Booth College. Nicola, with her husband Phil, were on college when I was there and I never left a lesson from either of them without having been encouraged and uplifted. Both of them, in equal measure, always lived out what they were teaching. It didn't come from a text book but from a life lived in the love, worship and service of God. Nicola has had an 18 month fight with cancer that slowly spread to various parts of her body. Throughout it all she has continued to be an amazing encouragement - blogging when she could and having encouragement passed on by Phil when she couldn't herself. Right to the end, she worshipped her God. There is a saying - "Well done, good and faithful servant". I am in no doubt that God has uttered these words to Nicola as she has joined Him in her resurrection body. An encourager in life - and encourager in death. Nicola Garnham - enjoy your well deserved, as Phil put it ... Resurrection adventure.

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