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07 November 2007

This Sunday

Just a quick post...

...really excited about this coming Sunday. Three of the youngsters from the Youth Club at Glenrothes Salvation Army are going to enrolled as Junior Soldiers. They were among the group that went to the Summer School and came back so fired up it is amazing, encouraging and challenging (tad frightening too if i'm honest!). Anyway, these three - Calum, Rachel and Sarah, will publicly make their promise before the congregation and more importantly, before God on Sunday morning. Really pleased for them and it marks a really exciting stage in the life of Glenrothes SA. Really pleased too as these three are in the worship band that has formed since Summer School. They've played at 2 Catch the Fire meetings so far and have been invited to play at the East Scotland SA New Year Meetings too which is cool. They have even asked if they could play on Sunday and things have been moved around so they can play which is great (thanks Dawn and Jan). So, at their request, we'll be playing "Shackles" on Sunday - one of their fav's. Their families will be in and hopefully some of their friends too. Should be a great service and time of fellowship. Please pray protection on Glenrothes SA and on these three growing young people. Thanks be to God!

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