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07 November 2007

The General of The Salvation Army

I have loads to blog about just at the moment, but lacking time to put fingers to keyboard. However, I need to blog this. If you haven't heard already (and I guess most of you will have) there is a call to prayer on behalf of the International leader of The Salvation Army. This isn't a time for politics - this is a time for prayer for a man of God. Please read the post below and pray for General Shaw, his wife Commissioner Helen and their family. Thanks.


Please pray about this!

General Shaw Clifton
The General has requested that I share with you all the following information concerning his health.

As a result of recent medical tests a cancer has been diagnosed. The doctors believe that it has been found early and is operable. They therefore wish the General to undergo further tests, then some courses of chemotherapy, and eventual surgery.

All of this will take several months. The doctors have advised the General to remain within the United Kingdom between now and the middle of next year in order to complete all aspects of testing and treatment, including the surgery and recovery period.

It follows that all overseas travel commitments made by the General and Commissioner Clifton between now and the end of June 2008 are cancelled. Further contact on this aspect will be made with affected territories by the office of the General.

The International Conference of Leaders planned for May 2008 in Nairobi will now be postponed. Further information on this will reach you in due course.

Apart from international travel, the General will continue to carry out all the normal functions of his office.

I know that you will uphold the General and Commissioner Helen Clifton through prayer and faith in the months ahead.

God bless you all.

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