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25 October 2007

Baby Rous mk2 Heartbeat recording

Had a visit to the midwife today - just a general check up at 23 weeks. All seems to be well with Baby Rous and we even got to hear the heartbeat. Just as well really because that's what we told Kathryn would be happening so she said all the way to the doctors "listen to baby, listen to baby etc etc"!

Anyway, being the sharing kind of people we are, thought we'd share this recording with you. Its only 10seconds but it never ceases to amaze me. Mixed it with the last scan picture as, so long as everything continues ok, we don't get to see Baby until he/she pops out in February!


Chris said...

Wow, that's amazing :)

...and incredibly clear too; how did you get a recording of that?

caldjr said...

phones are really handy for things other than texting and phoning :0)