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17 September 2007

Happy Anniversary!

Tomorrow (September 18th), its mine and Carol-Anne's 3rd Wedding Anniversary. So much has happened in the 6 years since we first met and space won't allow me to go into it all. Suffice to say its been fantastic - I don't know how someone like me ended up with someone as wonderful as Carol-Anne but i did so there. Now of course, we have Kathryn and will be further swelled by our next addition in February. We are a really happy family. Yeah we've had tough times and ups and downs - I'd be lying if I said otherwise - but we've come through it because of the love we share for one another and the fun we always try to have together.

So publicly, I want to say thankyou to Carol-Anne for sharing her life with me and for putting up with me. I love her so much and look forward to the rest of our lives together.


John said...

Congrats to you both.

We had a milestone today too.

My lovely daughter, Mia, started school for the very 1st time, and I managed not to cry! ;-)


caldjr said...

well done johnny - have that 'joy' to come in a few years!!!

caldjr said...

thanks honey xxxxxxxxxxx

Chris said...

That's very confusing... which caldjr's which? :)

Anyway, belated congratulations!

caldjr said...

I'm just talking to myself. problem is, which one of me is talking to me?!!?!! Still confused?


Chris said...

Isn't there a medical name for that?

caldjr said...

probably Chris, but I wouldn't be able to spell it so best left un-said!!!