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18 September 2007

Baby Rous mk 2 - second scan

Had the joy of our second scan today - bit early (we're 18wks and 1 day!) but all is well. Baby was really wriggling around but the midwife managed to see all she needed to see. We agreed to have a student doctor and a student midwife in so got an even more detailed scan so they could be trained. The only thing they didn't get trained on was the sex of the baby because we still don't want to know. But all is well and thats the main thing! Here's a pic of baby that the midwife got just at the last chance as baby really wasn't behaving - great, another stubborn child!!


John said...

Number two is more than double the trouble, but I wouldn't have it any other way, Dan!


caldjr said...

...er...thanks... I think!