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09 August 2007

Stop the presses....

So pleased to finally be able to tell you all that we are expecting a second child - due on 18 February. Just home after our 12wk scan and all is well - baby even behaved nicely for the camera! Kathryn seemed to work things out but a bit bemused. Strangely, she now thinks that everyone has a baby in their tummy!!! But all is well and, most importantly, there's only one baby in there!!!!

So, we're keeping the baby roll going at Glenrothes Salvation Army. One family had a baby boy (second child) in June, then our Officers, Chris and Dawn had Amy (first child) 2 weeks ago. Next up, Karen and Paul (parents of Kathryn's friend Cameron) are due their 2nd baby in September then it will be our turn in February. Natural growth is a great thing. so, who's next?!!! :)


Chris said...

Yaaaaaaaaay! :)

Congratulations guys.

John said...

Hurrah! Double trouble!

caldjr said...

thanks guys!!