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19 July 2007


Just a quick post to say a few things about yesterday. Much was promised but not all went to plan! Arrived at the Hovercraft in Kirkcaldy to see a huuuuuge queue of people and to be told it was a minimum 2hour wait. Now seeing as this hovercraft is just being trialled for 2 weeks, there is no terminal building - just a snaking queue of people outside. Not much fun for anyone but definately not for a 2 year old! So we drove on down to Edinburgh taking in the Fife Coastal Tourist route which was long but very picturesque and a real pleasure to drive. Drove to Ocean Terminal in the Leith area of Edinburgh which as well as being a shopping and entertainment area, has free parking and bus links into town!! So after a brief walk around and a panini and drink in Starbucks, we headed up to the playhouse. Disney's stage version of Beauty and the Beast was absolutely fab - a real joy. and Kathryn was very well behaved. A tad fidgity but nothing much. In fact, she was better behaved than the girl along the row from us who was about 7 or 8 years old!! After it finished we headed back to the car and, as it was late, went to McDs on the way home.

All in all, a really great family day out to celebrate our daughters 2nd birthday. Loads of pics to upload so will sort them out asap. Suffice to say Beauty and the Beast is at the Playhouse in Edinburgh for another week or so. If you get a chance to see it, do so. Its well worth it.

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