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16 July 2007

Last few days and the coming week

Loads going on just now - as always!!!

Really glad to get C-A back on Friday from junior camp. She really enjoyed herself although was very tired on returning home! I was back at work Saturday and to be honest, really couldn't be bothered. You know you get those days when you know you should be doing stuff but really couldn't care less so you just chill out - that was my Saturday. Sunday was good - a good time of fellowship at Church in the morning then we returned home for me to cut the grass and trim the hedge and try to clear some of the poorly drained areas of the garden. We were to be hosts of Youth Fellowship that evening so food needing preparing and the house tidying too! After a chat with our neighbour when we made here aware there was about a dozen people coming round, she appeared an hour or so later with some butterfly fairy cakes and a fruit loaf - still warm!! What a fab neighbour we have! The evening went really well and it was great to share with friends from Church and Youth Club in a really relaxed environment. Enjoyed a BBQ together then competed in DVD versions of Catchphrase and Family Fortunes.
So today it was back to work and a better day. done very little tonight - oops.
Tomorrow - more work!
Wednesday - a day off because.... Its Kathryn's second birthday! We plan to try out Scotland's latest river crossing - a hovercraft from Kirkcaldy to Portabello (find out more about this here). This is being trialled for 2 weeks so we plan to encourage it. It also means we can get to Edinburgh for £5 return (off peak rate) each and avoid the stress of driving and parking. The afternoon will take us to Edinburgh Playhouse to see Disney's Beauty and the Beast. The evening is just the three of us sharing together over the chocolate cake that's been promised by our neighbour!! How great is she?!!
Thursday my mum arrives early morning but I have to go into work as one of my staff has a family funeral to attend - small skeleton staff means I have to be there but thats cool as mum wants to do Perth again so she can come in with me.
Friday I'm off again and who knows what will happen. Lots of prep probably before.....
Saturday when in the afternoon, we'll have about 30+ people here for a party for Kathryn. It also marks the 1st anniversary of us living in Glenrothes - I know, 1 whole year since all that stress over moving house twice in one week!!
Throughout this week, I also have to do some sermon prep as, although i'm booked to do a week on Sunday, i'm also on standby for this Sunday in case Dawn and Chris become parents - she's due tomorrow!

So loads going on but its all good. Will get pics on later in the week of the birthday girl and I'll let you know how the hovercraft is!!

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