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13 July 2007

At the other end of this week

Well, here I am with one sleep left til Carol-Anne returns from Junior Camp, and I appear to have survived the week unscathed. Its been an interesting week being the sole carer for Kathryn as well as working but I think we've had a good time. I know I've slept a lot less than usual but thats my own fault for doing lots of stuff. Have tried to avoid spending too much time online and have accomplished that goal - not too much time wasting! So the other side of the coin means that our bedroom has been painted. We'd started it ages ago but never got the time or inclination to finish it. So, C-A will return to a decorated bedroom which she doesn't know about. Also got a new widescreen TV through my work so that cost considerably less than it would have done. We didn't really need one but this one looks nice! The existing TV will be put to very good use in another home so its all good! Also got lots of tidying/sorting/weeding/etc done so pleased with that. Looking forward to C-A coming back - its not the same without her. Got a few days off next week as its Kathryn's 2nd birthday on Wednesday and her party on Saturday (21st). My mum is here Thurs to Sun too. Lots planned for the next week but first and foremost, I plan to sleep tonight and hope for a long lie as I've got tomorrow (Friday) off. Hopefully Kathryn remembers we've got the day off together and will sleep for longer but I'm not holding my breath!!

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