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07 June 2007

Too good for the bin?

Went to a presentation at the local concert hall last week. It was organised by the local coucil in conjunction with the Scottish Waste Awareness Group and involved local schools. They had run a competition to design a poster or piece of art or something, that reflected the need to raise awareness about the whole reduce, re-use, recycle thing. Wasn't totally sure what I was going to but they invited me, it was free, and drinks and cake were mentioned! It was more a "being seen" thing and I had a couple of good chats with local council staff which is always good as we don't get any funding from them for doing what we do at my work yet we seem to provide a service to a huge number of their social workers!!

It wasn't till I got back to work after lunch that I realised what my name badge said. I doubt the person who made all the badges realised the irony of it either. Anyway, the event was called "too good for the bin" and so it made sense to put this on the name badges. However, I took it as a veiled compliment when I read:

I hope this is more of a statement than a question although I can just hear the comments now!

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