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27 May 2007

Fathers Day

Originally uploaded by caldjr
Don't often like pictures of me but am kind of happy with this one. Its the first shot of me with the new glasses - been in rimless for about 7 years so this is a real change again! Anyway, purpose of this pic is the TShirt which comes from Matalan's Father's Day range. £4 each and a great range of pressies for all those who have dads. I've got my T-Shirt early! Check them out and, for those that can, make Dad's day!


John said...

I think I saw you at Roots, sonow I'm kicking myself for not saying "hi"

caldjr said...

I think I saw a lot of people at Roots but usually found myself running back and forward between Big Top and Creche!! We've possible even seen each other before as I'm originally a London South East boy (was Div Financial Asst 1998-2001). One day our paths will cross i'm sure!

John said...

No doubt, Daniel