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27 May 2007


Got loads of catching up to do on blogging. This is one post i've been meaning to do all week.

About a month ago, a brand new huge Dobbies (garden centre et al) opened up at Dunfermline which is about 15 mins drive from us. We went on opening weekend and it was mobbed, and returned last Saturday when my mum was up visiting - place was still mobbed! As well as all the usual gardening stuff, it has a great food court with local produce on sale and also has a small "Oil and Vinegar" franchise stand. Really pleased to see local food producers getting this opportunity to sell there produce and intend to frequent their stalls as much as possible.

Anyway, we went to the restaurant which is always good, and was again impressed with the quality of food and the amount you get for the cost which was still reasonable for a place like this. After being sufficed from the lovely food, and being spotted by Chris and Dawn (can't park your car anywhere these days!!), we headed outside to a play area we'd spotted while eating. This was a fab play area and, as the pictures below show, Kathryn really enjoyed herself and, if I'm honest, so did I! Really nice to have an unspoiled clean and tidy place for Kathryn to play. One feature was what probably is meant to be Nessy. Kathryn was fascinated by this part but the see-saw still won hands down! Sure that will be on the itinerary next time we visit too!!! Thanks Dobbies - you've done us proud.

(Also came away with some Sweet Corn plants - here's hoping! The strawberries from last time are looking good and we're hopeful for the tomatoes!)

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