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07 May 2007

Catch the Fire Review

Well we're back from Roots but I'll post about that later on. Before we went away, you may remember we held our second Catch the Fire informal worship evening. Chris got in before me here but wanted to put my take on things here too!

The evening went really well and God was totally in control of it. Had a couple of new people come this time which was great. The theme was "waiting" and we explored various different versions of waiting in terms of us and God. One angle was the fact that God was actually in the building waiting for us before we even started. Another was that we were to come in the mindset of being waiters/waitresses in a restaurant where God was the only customer. It was our task to serve him with the best possible service and the best possible products. This we gave our best shot. One key text was Isaiah 40:31 which says "those who wait upon the Lord will renew their strength; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not grow faint."

All gathered, including me, really seemed to enjoy the whole relaxed experience again and thanks go to the great and mighty God for that.

Our next time to gather is on Thursday 7 June again at 7pm. As always, all are more than welcome to come. As this one is just after Pentecost we will be focussing on the Holy Spirit more than ever for this occassion. Here's the flyer - please post on your blogs and print or whatever as you fel appropriate. Will post a reminder nearer the time. (btw, thanks to Ashford Salvation Army for part of the detail of this flyer)

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