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06 April 2007

Cafe Church

Today we took another new venture on - a Cafe! It came out top from the Corps Dream Day we had a little while back. We billed it as Cafe Church because on each hour there was a short meditation/Bible Focus/Song from Singing Group. We were open from 10am to 2pm and I joined the team at 9 to prep as I was in the kitchen as Head Chef all day with Chris as my Sous Chef. We were offering a selection of fillings/toppings for Panini's, Toasties, Cold Sandwiches and Baked Potatoes as well as soup that Jan had prepared. The day went really well but I got a bit worried when we were really busy at 11:30 which was before standard lunchtime! However, we weathered the storm and didn't come unstuck once. We had a total of 43 people order food which was fantastic for a first venture. Taking into consideration how most of the left over food could be used in the coming days, including breakfast on Sunday, I think the day broke even financially, but opened up so much positivity in our hearts and minds as to how a cafe could work in the future. Thing is, I think we might need to extend the hall a bit so anyone got some spare cash to cover building and extra staffing costs?!!?!!?!!


Chris said...

Believe it or not, the day made a (small) profit!

CalDjr said...

I know it wasn't about the money, but yippee!!