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11 October 2006

A less rambled ramble!

Feeling better thanks. We're not out of the woods in terms of the comfortable living thing but working on that one. Feeling much better about the whole job thing now. I don't say this to embarrass him or big him up, but Chris (Chris's Blog) has been a great help - fab chat last night pal, thanks. Still, he's my officer so I guess it his job after all!!!! ;)

Anyway, here's a little thought that helped me

To have a dream, then endure the death of that dream, requires great faith like another David, the king of Israel. He dreamed of building a temple for the ark of the covenant, but God said No. Not "No" to the temple, but "No" to David building it. David realized that God’s plan was better. Instead of David building God a physical house, God promised to build David a spiritual house. If you’ve endured the death of a dream, don’t give up. Seek God to discover what His purpose and plan are. It may take time and adjustments, but it will be better in the end.
The secret to "dreams come true" is getting in step with the dream God gives you.
David Jeremiah

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