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18 September 2006

about Church

Had a good time at Church yesterday. That's not an unusual statement lately as we're really enjoying serving God at Glenrothes Salvation Army. The last 2 weeks I was covering for the holidaying pianist as well as taking up my seat in the band. I'm not a huge 'bando' but am enjoying being back as part of a worshipping brass band again. Its been a while and I'm really blessed by the ministry of this God focussed band and am Biblically proud to be part of it. Anyway, as I mentioned in an earlier post today, we were without Kathryn for church this week and the pianist was back from holiday so was looking forward to worshipping alongside Carol-Anne for the songs the band weren't playing for.
The pianist wasn't back from holiday, or at least wasn't looking like turning up so Captain Chris asked me if I'd mind playing. Looked at the meeting plan and saw the band had the first half of the meeting and the piano the second - so no singing alongside C-A. But, I really enjoyed the meeting regardless. I came with my expectations of how the morning would pan out, it went differently (as so often happens when God takes over) and really enjoyed playing in the band (even though I made a real hash of a couple of euph bits) and at the piano where Chris had chosen a couple of my favourite songs - Lord I come to You, and How deep the Fathers Love for us. Two songs that I find impossible to just play as notes on a page - the music is half the song and so I opened myself up to allow God to play through me. God is soooo good. Thank you Father.
Even the message was great - and I did manage to go and sit next to C-A so we could receive the Word together. Chris preached on the Agape love of God for us and how we should love him the same. A simple truth but how often do we overlook the simple things in life? God loves us so much that He let His Son die for us. What more reason could we need for loving Him in return. So thanks Chris for reminding us of a basic rule of living that we cannot and must not ignore.

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