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27 July 2006

One Mission

The church has many tasks but only one mission.
Arthur Preston

This quote was in my devotional today and seems to me to sum this Christian Life thing up beautifully. The devotional itself took a slightly different angle but my thoughts went this way:

As Church, we will find ourselves involved in many different tasks - some pretty, some not so. Some helping others, some playing, some working, some preaching etc etc etc. But the test of everything is the result - that it brings people closer to the Lord Jesus - for that is our sole mission. Yes our programme has to adapt to the communities around us so that it is relevant to them, but never at the expense of the Gospel. Lets make sure that Jesus is not only at the centre of everything we do, but at the front, rear and sides too. Only then will our Churches continue to grow and be mighty forces for good in this world.


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