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02 June 2006

The trouble with words....

The English language is a funny old thing. No matter how you write, someone will always interpret it differently to how you intended it! No fault there really - its just human nature to read between the lines - I guess I do it myself too. But, there have been a couple of entries on here that have been misunderstood and that is probably down to the way I've worded it. So, those entries have been re-worded and should now make sense. The main ones are "The Future's Brighter" (10 April) and "Feeling at home" (24 April). But let me here clarify the main points of contention.

The "Yes" referred to as allowing the process of finishing our training to start is simply that. It has never been understood to be, nor should it be read as being, anything more than a green flag to the start of a possibly long and winding road ahead. We know that there is no guarantee of a reentry to officership - just the process to explore that possibility. I wish to offer my apologies to our Divisional Youth Officer/Candidates Officer who, although never having been named is obviously known locally. Some may have read into the original posting that she had led us into a false knowledge. That is not the case. She has been fantastic in her honesty with us that there is a difficult road ahead and must be commended for that. There will be some tough questions put to us but we are prepared for that. The details of all this questioning is not relevant information for this blog. Really, it is old news but we accept the relevance of it to the process. Suffice to say we are ready for the process and can simply trust in God's hand to guide the process along on all sides. Hopefully that is clearer now.

The posting "Feeling at home" (24 April) said that we were not being free to worship as we need. I realise now that this is a wide statement so let me clarify. Our difficulty at Perth was balancing our desire to be fully involved with Corps life with our desire to be a close family and also the problem of living 25 miles away from the Church. Those who have had children will appreciate the difficulties of having a little one and how that drains your time. This became a real struggle - if it wasn't for the distance involved, the problem would probably be lessened. So began the look for a new home and less ambigious postings reflect this process. Perth, sadly, is way out of our price range - the prices are just silly! Had it been in our range, we would have moved there and become more involved with Corps life. Anyway, the hunt widened and with Gods help, we have ended up in Glenrothes.

I hope this has clarified those two points and offer apologies to anyone who was confused, offended or upset by a previous lack of clarity. I should also state that nothing in this blog is news to those involved. This is not a place to rant on about stuff that hasn't already been brought out into the open. It is simply a summary reflection of events. I also want to say that I have become aware of a wide readership of this blog! Don't just read it - comment! Either leave a comment that will be visible to all or email us at either danrous73@yahoo.co.uk or calw15@yahoo.co.uk. This is especially relevant if something is unclear, if we've spoken out of turn, if you're encouraged by something we've written, or if you want to pass on encouragement. Lets use this technology to communicate with each other when we're not together in person. Lets get the superhighway thing filled with talk of our Saviour and Lord, Jesus Christ.

Thats it for now. Off to paint the fence! More later.


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