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31 May 2006

The Holy Grail?

Managed to watch Richard Hammond and the Holy Grail last night - missed it when it was on first time round. Very interesting programme for the BBC to show at mainstream viewing time I thought - well done BBC. And wee Hammond did well too I think. But of course, he came across the problem that all will find when trying to discover more about the things of God - some things are just beyond human understanding. Best point to come out of the programme was that this quest for the Holy Grail - in other words the cup that Jesus shared wine from at the Last Supper - could all be a wild goose chase thanks to some inaccurate translating way back. The phrase San Grael meaning Holy Grail could actually be Sang Rael which leads us simply to a blood line that will take us back to Jesus.

As I say, perhaps we're not meant to try to learn more about this because we're not designed to understand it in the first place. So in light of that, I'm not sure what to do with this info now! Discuss??
More info at http://www.bbc.co.uk/history


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