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15 June 2006

Thoughts for today

Don't know if readers of this get the weekly ministry toolbox from Rick Warren, but its a great source of information and inspiration. You can sign up for it at http://www.pastors.com. Anyway, todays thoughts from Rick included the following and I thought they were worth sharing here - possible discussion starters if you like:

"People aren't turned off to Jesus, they're just tired of Christians who don't really follow him."
The same could be said about the shortage of people becoming soldiers in The Salvation Army?

"It's time for Christians to be known for love. ... Yes, we're in a battle of values. But those people who disagree with us aren't the enemy, they're the mission field."

1 Corinthians 13 should not be forgotten in the debate on this one. If we don't have love - we are nothing.

I leave the field open to discuss!



headphonaught said...

the greatest enemy to the movement of Jesus Christ is ChristianityErwin McManus

Now theres a quote for you! We don't need to defend our faith as other Christians do but SHARE it as we do with everything else we love.

We need to LIVE the motto of the Army :: Heart to God, Hand to Man :: instead of living, at best, like the church in Ephesus or, at worst, the church in Sardis.

How do we do this? truly? You are bang on when you say :: WITH LOVE :: "Love God and love each other!"

caldjr said...

Wow - that is a quote and a half. I think one of our greatest problems in communicating with the world apart from Love (or the lack of it) is religiosity. Gerald Coates wrote a great book that i leant to someone once and never got back and its now out of print. Its called Non-Religious Christianity. The basic idea of the book was stripping everything in our Churches down to the basics - the dry bones - and just feeding love into them again. No religious paraphenalia, no denominational bias - just a love for Jesus and a thirst for His Word. You're so right when you focus on the motto of TSA. Heart to God and Hand to man. Its so simple - why do we complicate things so much.

May have to refer this subject to Chris as "Council of War" (www.councilofwar.co.uk for those who don't know) could be a good place for a wider discussion on this!

Chris said...

Write it yersel' :) No, seriously, if it's something you want to ask questions about just write it. The last time I started a discussion on Council of War I put an article on the main page and a thread in the forum - feel free to do the same!