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19 June 2006

Great Weekend

Just back at work now after a great weekend at the Corps (Glenrothes). It was Corps Anniversary weekend and we celebrated with a social on Saturday night featuring games and food, then celebratory worship on Sunday led by Majors David and Sylvia Hinton. Sure Chris will put more specific stuff on his blog as he and Dawn are the officers after all, (http://blog.councilofwar.co.uk/chris/) but wanted to put my thoughts here too. What was absolutely fantastic about the weekend was the real sense of unity amongst the whole Church. The social on Saturday was attended by all members of the Church - young and old alike. And all took part willingly. The feeling of a real united family spirit is something we have sensed since attended Glenrothes and that is a sure sign of God being in control of events. This was reflected in the Sunday worship as well and Major Hinton also commented on the united spirit. Much food for thought too which will be the subject of a later blog entry when I've formulated whats in my head! Please pray for Glenrothes Corps that it remains a united force for God and does not allow any attack of the enemy to bring us down.

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Chris said...

Saturday's social was the first time we've had people there from all "sections" of the corps as well - midweek stuff and all. Really pleased!

Something'll go on my blog when I get the chance to think about it :)