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20 June 2006


We spend our lives messing up. But as previous postings on http://www.councilofwar.co.uk have stressed, God is always there helping us pick up the pieces - when we confess our sin to Him we become saints in His eyes. Here's a couple of quotes I came across in a devotional today that emphasise the restoring power of God who takes even our most stupid and sinful of actions and turns them into something good for our souls.

"Our God is a God who not merely restores, but takes up our mistakes and follies into His plan for us and brings good out of them." JI Packer

"He most graciously overrules our folly, and causes the influences of our self-chosen circumstances to work for our spiritual benefit." CH Mackintosh

"You meant evil against me; but God meant it for good." Joseph, in Genesis 50:20

Praise God for his restoring Grace.


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