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22 June 2006

How not to pack

Neither C-A or I are fans of packing. So the prospect of moving house in one go this time is not filling us with joy and excitement! However, this is what God wants us to be doing so we trust in Him. However, we know that trusting in Him is not going to get the packing done - we still need to do it!! Three weeks to go! Kathryn, bless her, is not going to be much help. Even at 11 months old she hasn't quite grasped the concept of packing and tidying. Still, with us as parents she has little hope! This picture is her helping tidy up before people came to view our house. It was just one of those moments when she should have been in trouble but couldn't help being so cute and loveable and so the camera came out and we all smiled and laughed. (If only all of life was like that - but thats a deeper topic!!)


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