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10 April 2006

The future's brighter

Met with our regional Youth Officer yesterday. She doubles as the Scotland rep for the Salvation Army's Candidates (prospective ministers) department. She had some info for us as we have recently offered to finish what we started and return to full-time ministry as Salvation Army Officers. This will probably mean us going back to training college for a year but we're not too sure yet. Anyway, the main point of yesterday's meeting was that we've been given a provisional 'yes' from the powers that be. This is not a green light to become officers again. Simply, it means that the process can begin - a huge relief really. Its not a definate promise of anything but the chance to talk through recent issues and show how God has worked an amazing work of grace in our lives. Whilst there is still nothing definate ahead, we praise God for this first hurdle being jumped, and trust in Him for the rest of the process. We wait the next step - a formal interview at Divisional Headquarters!

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